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  • You must own the property or have it under contract in order to post it.
  • ARV Note: We screen properties for "inflated" After Repair Values. Be prepared to email proof of your ARV upon our request. You must use documented comparable sales to determine value. When pulling comps, use nearby sold properties from the last six months with similar square footage and other specifications. Do not use active listings as comps. Investors who inflate ARVs will potentially be banned from the website.
  • Repairs Note: When determining repair estimates, you must use Materials + Labor.
  • Pricing Note (unknown):
    • If the ARV is greater than or equal to $100,000 then the max allowable asking price is ARV x 85% - $Repairs.
    • If the ARV is less than $100,000 then the max allowable asking price is ARV - $15,000 - $Repairs.
  • MLS Note: If your property is Active on the MLS, the asking price on our site must be at least $3,000 less than the asking price on the MLS. Remember, you must have the property under contract.
  • Pictures: Please upload pictures if you have them. It's in your best interest because most investors only look at properties that have pictures.
  • Updating: If you wish to update or reduce the price on a previously posted deal, please do so by clicking on "My Account" and then "My Properties."
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More Info on Pictures: Members of this website want to see pictures! Most of them will not even go look at a property that does not have pictures. So please upload your pictures. You should upload pictures anyways because properties with pictures sell up to twice as fast. Thanks! --


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"Yes, I know that posting a deal using this form is FREE. But I want to sell my property up to twice as fast for up to $5,000 more. So please super-charge my posting by sending one email that contains JUST MY DEAL to your email list. This puts my property front and center, so I should be prepared to receive a flood of inquiries (depending on the quality of the deal) within the next day or two. The email addresses for all recipients are confirmed and valid (through a double-opt-in process), and all of them have recently opened an email (we removed those who haven't). My cost is only $197."

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If you press Submit and the web page times out or you get an error message, this usually means that the pictures are too large. You must shrink the images before uploading. To shrink them, Follow These Instructions. Then upload them above. If you cannot get it to work, remove the text from the image fields above so that the fields are blank, Submit your property information, and then email the pictures to Your Account Manager, and we will upload them for you. But it will take up to 48 hours for us to do so. Thanks!