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Property Information

Status: Available More Information
Lead Type: Investor-Ready Foreclosure
Property Type: Duplex
Bedrooms Type: 4_plus
Baths: 3+

Property Location

Market: Atlanta
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How did you arrive at the ARV: Cap Rate
Property Description: 8 Br 6 baths jewel Brick
Description of Repairs: Outside condensers Cosmetics
How to access Property: Call for access. Please do not approach tenants
Comments about this Deal: Don't miss it

The Numbers

This information is provided by the seller. All figures, including Estimated After Repair Value (ARV) and Estimated Cost of Repairs, are estimates. Please do your own due diligence.

Zestimate © : 250,000
minus Seller's Asking Price: 149,500
minus Estimated Cost of Repairs: 6,000

equals Profit Potential of: 94,500

Seller Information

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