Your Financial IQ Score Is     0

Not satisfied with your score? Well great news! The 180 CLUB may have the solution.

It is an uncontroverted fact that wealthy individuals subscribe to starkly different principles than those who are not which explains why they are financially independent. The knowledge examined on the IQ test highlights and examines many of those principles and tests the knowledge of the fundamentals of wealth that 90% of Americans are not aware of. This explains why the rich are steadily getting richer and the wealthiest 10% of Americans currently control 75% of all the wealth in the US.

The 180 Club can help you discover these powerful principles and help you transition into the Top 10%.

The 180 Club provides members information, access, opportunity, training and resources that if studied and applied, will yield the result of TRANSFORMING the lives of many, eradicating poverty of the masses, and multiplying the wealth of the otherwise already wealthy.


I. Provide 24 Hr Online Educational Resources
            A. Financial Courses
            B. Financial Trainings
            C. Online Tutorials
            D. Online How-To Videos
            E. Educational E-Books On Finance
II. Association
            A. Environment of Like-minded Individuals who are             aspiring to be financially independent

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I.Provide 24 Hr Online Educational Resources
      1. Financial Courses
      2. Financial Trainings
      3. Online Tutorials
      4. Online How-To Videos
      5. Educational E-Books On Finance
      1.    Environment of Like-minded Individuals who are aspiring to be financially             independent
      2.  Environment of the wealthy and high achievers who endeavor to elevate to            financial dominance
      3.  Access to other members who are significantly more successful
      4.  Access to members who are employers yielding real-time advancement opportunity
      5.  Access to a community of professionals and leaders who are fellow members
      6.  Access to mentors that can significantly cut life's learning curve to streamline success
III.Live 180 Club Trainings
      1.  Exciting Weekly Trainings and Live Streaming for online members
      2.  Monthly Trainings and Workshops Presented By Nationally Renowned Experts and            Professionals
      3.  Annual Highly inspirational Speeches and Presentations By the world's most sought            after speakers and world leaders
      A.  Providing a culture that fosters and cultivates responsible financial behavior and best            practices holding each other accountable.
      1.  Research has discovered that mere conventions and intermittent conferences are           insufficient to effect sustainable change in the financial behavior of its patrons.We           have discovered that unless there is culture whereby one can practice and otherwise           implement learned principles, favorable results are usually rarely achieved.
      A.  Provide via email daily reports and updates of business information and            opportunities
      1.  Pulling relevant and actionable information from a plethora of sources and            condensing in a single daily report will serve as a valuable resource to members            regardless of their current financial status.
      A.  Provide Proprietary Lists of Capital
      1.  Private Money Lenders
      2.  Angel Investors
      3.  Equity Capital
      4.  Hedge Fund Managers
B.Lists and Outlets Offering Off Market Real Estate Opportunities
      1.  Distressed Property Deals
      2.  Businesses For Sale

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